We are starting a new chapter. Smoove - it's the future.

Smoove motorcycle under the northern light.

Take a trip under the stars — on an icy road

We are heading for the future — and now we are proud to present the newest member of the Geely family: the Smoove Light Cycle. It can handle all road conditons — from frozen grounds to muddy roads.

Smoove motorcycle sliding on icy road under crispy blue sky in front of a snowy mouantain.

Smoove Light Cycle — versatile and innovative

Smoove Light Cycle is the vehicle that can handle any terrain, is autonomous and doubles as a movie theater — to make your travel an experience in itself.

Groundbreaking AI, innovative control systems and top-tier sensor technology takes you where you need to go. With Smoove, you are in safe hands.

Smoowe motorcyle on a podium being shown by a girl in a black dress at a Smoove event.

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Choose your light - be unique

The Smoove Light Cycle is made with cutting edge technology and is the embodiment of top-of-the-line design. All to make you stand out from the crowd.

You can choose what colour of light your Smoove Light Cycle has - because each owner is unique.

What is your colour?

Smoove motorcycle in a white and clean studio.
Smoove motorcycle in a white and clean studio.

Choose your colour:

Interior image of the vehicle with technical details and specifications
Smoove motorcycle in a white and clean studio.
Smoove motorcycle in a white and clean studio being able to choose color on the motorcycle.

Choose your colour:


We've got you covered. Order your merchandise for a perfect ride in your Light Cycle.

Northern black watch with green details and a built in GPS
Northern Watch with GPS
  • Sync with Smoove Light Cycle for easy access to stats and controls
  • Sync with Smoovie-time for your entertainment
  • Fast-charging
  • Monitor your Smoove Light Cycle's battery
  • Northern Light design in Winter Black
  • Carbon footprint tracker


Soon available in Winter Green

Dark and fast glasses to use on motorcycle.
Northern 3D Glasses
  • Watch Smoovie Time in 3D
  • Fast-charging
  • Winter Black Design
  • Made of 100% recycled material
Dark and fast glasses to use on motorcycle.
Northern Key Chain
  • Crafted in finest materials
  • Glows in the dark
  • Made of 100% recycled material

Explore in 3D

Use your cursor to see the Smoove Light Cycle in full 360 view

Smoovie Time

Are you tired and need to sleep during the ride to the mountains? Then let the cycle drive you! In Smoove Light Cycle you can relax, watch a movie, turn on some music and let the vehicle do the work.

Inside the smoovie motorcycle with a movie playing on the window.